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New VR Workout Sessions!

We are now offering our new service Virtual Reality Workout Sessions! This is for customers who want to play physically intensive Virtual Reality Games based on our company/employee’s recommendation. This is less expensive than a certified personal trainer session and have fun with the workout! All of our VR games will focus on Cardio and HIIT based excercises.

This offering is tailored to people who want to workout at home without any exercise equipment. Our Equipment will not permantely stay at the customer’s location and will only be there during the duration of the allotted boooked time with Blurscape. With this booking option, we are only allowing 1-2 players and 1-3 spectators to maintain social distancing and CDC guidelines.

Disclaimer: None of our employees are Certified Personal Trainers or workout professionals. We are simply providing an unique workout alternative which results may vary. Please check out our Policy or FAQ page to look at our full disclaimer regarding VR workouts.